Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ruined temple terrain piece

Ikit lurking through Lustria
Ikit Claw is a Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre and the emissary of Lord Warlock Morskittar, one of the Lords of Decay.
Ikit Claw has dedicated his life to the study of Magic, be it of Human, Elf or otherwise. He has journeyed to many places in the decades leading up the Second Skaven Civil War, including Cathay, the burial vaults of Vorshgar in northern Naggaroth, the island of Albion in search of the magic of the Old Ones and Lustria to visit the ancient and monolithic ruins which have stood for millenia. The knowledge Ikit Claw gained from his journeys around the world allowed him to create a tome of the spells of the civilised world.

Once more today! As im waiting till pva glue dries on other pieces of rock spires im making for my gaming table i decided to finish ruined temple terrain piece i made of hirstarts bricks friend of mine gave me yesterday. Dont know what to tell about it, im not very satisfied as i did to many mistakes but i think its worth sharing. Placed Ikit claw inside to give you idea about its size as i imagined him crawling through one of ruined lustrian temples deep inside jungle seeking for knowledge;-) Even its not best made, painted, based, i belive it ll be nice piece of terrain to have on my own warhammer table. Hope you like it!

Citadel finecast, excited or not?

Hello everyone, i ve just stod up from my work bench to realize gw released their citadel finecast range. First, i have to say im really excited gods finaly heard my prayers and i dont have to buy metal models anymore! Dont own any finecast model my self yet and had mixed feelings when first read they ll be resin made, especialy after i experienced forge worlds product whitch almost always come in terrible condition, tbh krieg corps inantry minis were the worst made ive ever seen if i dont count landraider custom doors comming like they received several smashes by hammer before packaging. I dont know if we can blame delivery company for this or if forge world decided to ship second/third grade products to mid europe? I dont know and i ve been really scared when first heard finecasts are going to be resin made after this terrible experience with resin models. Anyway most worries quickly dissapeared when looked for example at first impressions video from miniwargaming at youtube, then i started to have good feeling about whole thing. Minis seems to be more detailed than metal ones and whats most important, worh your money, even through price increase.
So far there are just few finecast models for skavens, and i hope all skaven metal models ll be aviable in resin soon. Till now we can enjoy new warlord, queek headtaker, deathmaster snikch and warplock jezzails(3 teams in one box!)
 Ive seen a lot of complains on the internet, even my friends complaining about gw price increase in last few weeks but i have to say wtf? I think nobody whos going outside shoping time to time cant be surprised by price increase, even stupid potatoes doubled their price last year. I know, every price increase is annoying, but if you look at prices of other major plastic kit manufacturers outside wargaming range(i dont want to name any, but  ones making planes, tanks etc. in 1/32 scale)then i think we can be glad we are games workshop customers. Dont get me wrong, this post is not payed finecast advert, i still think this whole hobby is bit overpriced, but whitch hobby isnt if you want to do it right? Its all about priorities and i think its still cheaper to purchase box of minis than goin in to pub on friday night and have a fun;-) Dont you?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Rock spire terrain piece

Hello everyone! Im back to show you my new terrain piece i made this sunday. I inspired my self in how to make wargames terrain book this time. I always liked rock spires whitch can be often found on citadels orc/barren themed tables. I just chose different colour scheme to fit my table and changed building process a little, as i dont have hot wire cutter and wanted to make building bit easier. I used a lot of toilet paper soaked in pva glue again and i was surprised how good it looked after first drybrush. I made building even easier as i used citadel spray gun my friend borrowed me. If i exclude time for pva glue drying it was built within an hour. I ll have to make quite few of these so i ll take pictures durring assembly of next piece and share it with you, as i think it looks quite nice and its easy to build. See you next time by rock spire tutorial!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Autumn forrest

Hello everyone! After little delay im back to show you my first terrain piece. Its forrest made from wires, pva glue and autumn mix of nochs dekormoos. I ve been following gwinns tutorial from coolminiornot most of building process and after several not satisfiing attempts of using rope strings as  foliage  i decided to visit local train modeling store and found excelent material for this. Its noch dekormoss whitch is aviable in different colours and different mixes and as you can see i liked autumn mix most. Only disadvantage of this product is that it stinks, and it sthinks realy bad when u have nose by it. But i had it on the air overnight and its not as strong as yesterday now, so i hope it ll get even better. As you can see, my little forrest is not perfect but i think it ended well for first attempt, thanks to train store i visited yesterday and helpful staff whitch helped me a lot when i mentioned tree making, overwhelming me with ton of different products i can use for this purpose.
This is the first piece of my biggest modeling project yet as im going to make my own warhammer table. What a pitty i live in such small apartment so i dont have room for pernament gaming table and this one is going to be flat desk, with citadell battlemat glued on to it as it have to be stored between library and kitchen wall, so building, styrofoam cutting, gluing orgies are not going to happen:-/ But i want to make a lot of terrain pieces to enhance its look and have a fun playing on it. Dont forget to visit gwinns wood elf forrest tutorial as its excelent guide how to make somethink like this using materials everyone have at home. Hope my forrest dont look that bad when i revealed original, but i ll try to improve till next time. Unfortunately there ll be shortage of skaven related articles in following few months as im going to work on gaming table, but i think there is always shortage of make somethink of nothing guides;-) See you then!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Queek Headtaker Finished

Warlord Queek Headtaker, is the right claw of Warlord Gnawdwell, ruler of Clan Mors and the City of Pillars. Queek has been groomed by Gnawdwell from the moment of his birth, provided with the best armour and weapons, protecting him from the other Lords of Decay, and also staging assassination attempts to keep him on his toes. Queek has led several armies against the Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Goblin Warlord Skarsnik, ruler of the upper levels of Karak Eight Peaks. Recently Queek led Clan Mors against a group of Night Goblins in the Battle of the North Stair where they killed and enslaved every Goblin they could find, Queek himself killing the Night Goblin chief.
Queek's temper is well known and admired throughout the Skavendom and Queek is more than welcome to accept all challengers to his power, entering single combat and slaying them. His trophy rack, among other things, consists of the head of Krug Ironhand of Karak Drazh, Ikit Slash of Fester Spike and the hands of Albrecht Kraus.

Hello everyone! Im back just to quickly post finished queek headteker. As you can see i did not used typical red armoured scheme as i tought rusted bronze cloured armor ll fit him better. However im not satisfied with my painting on this model, dont know why but i just sux at both asembling and painting metal models. Hope i reached at least tabletop quality with this guy. For future i ll have to look for tutorial how to paint armoured characters as i have the same issue with stormvermins im working on now and after i found out where am i making mistake im going to share my toughts with you on skaven example. Or if any of visitors have experience with painting heavy armoured characters please let me know, help ll be more than welcome. See you next time and wish me better luck with stormvermins than i had with this guy;-)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rat ogre w power weapons!

If mutation was an art, then Rat Ogres would be the masterpiece of the Skaven Clan Moulder's endless experiments with Warpstone. Created with bits of organic material from dozens of creatures, only the strongest survive the terrible birth conditions that they are created in. Rat Ogres are hulking monstrosities, let loose on the battlefield by their Packmasters, whom are much like those who drive forth Clan Moulder's Giant Rats. Once unleashed, Rat Ogres are a terrible sight to behold, and are great killing machines that were born to fight and tear up infantry like dolls.

-skaven army book

 Hi all, after few hours of painting my rat ogre seems finished. I think he looks pretty cool with space wolves power axe in one hand and hammer in another. But its up to you to judge it. Im going to use him as unit filler in ranks of my clanrats as i liked his sculpt and did not wanted to leave him in sprue forever. In fact, im using both rat ogres from iob as unit fillers as i like their models, but they never perform well on the tabletop under my command and i think they are quite expensive point wise in small format games i am playing. Painting this guy was quite straithforward like every model im painting, maybee its not about the models but limits of my painting skills. But if you are new to painting hobby here you can see what can be done with just simple washing and drybrushing as this guy was painted in about 2 hours with help of hairdryer and rabbit scratching my feet demanding attention. Hovewer im still not satisfied with his weapons and chain and ll have to think about it, and maybee its time to buy more metalic paints as only one i have is boltgun metal and 30yrs old revell silver paint;-) Hope you ll like pictures and get idea what to do with spare screaming bell rat ogre. Hope you ll visit my blog soon as im just going to unpack box of stormvermins and make a simple step by step painting guide for newbies as there is never enought newbie tutorials on the internet. But its a question if newbie written guide for newbies ll be for somethink. Hope you could have at least good laugh if nothink;-) See you next time!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rat ogre unit filler wip

Hi again, today morning i just started painting my spare screaming bell rat ogre to use as a unit filler. I choped of warpfire ball i attached to end of chain yesterday becouse i was afraind it ll break off during first transport in my figure case. Instead of it i drilled holes to both sides of his hand and putted in a space wolves power axe. I know it have wolf head insted of rat head as a decoration but...i ve seen ppl using dog heads in skaven conversions so i think wolf head ll be just fine for this model as it might look like bit raty in this scale. I made a temporary base for him from leftover bases i found in my bit box so ll have to mask those glued lines very good or found a better base for him. Its not even half finished but i felt i should share somethink with visitors of this little blog to have somethink goin on here. See you next time with this boy and queek headtaker finished!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Whats goin on?

Hello everyone! Its been quite few days since i wrote my last post so i decided to share with you whats going in ranks of my skaven army. I realy hate metal models but i could not resist to purchase Queek Headtaker mini as i always liked his model and as one of my friends purchased dwarf army recently he could be quite handy;-) I know some coul call me fotm fag now, me as you want i want to slaughter moar dwarves;-)Here comes his work in progress photo as a proof im not slacking. As i stated before i hate metal models so you could find few inacurate assemblies and uncleaned mold lines but i think he ll look fine on the table.
Second mini i just started to working on is screaming bell rat ogre. I attached small warpfire ball from hell pit abomination kit on to end of his chain and fited hammer from space wolf sprue in to his left hand, but i might change that as it might look strange on him and hes not going to fit on to the base like that. Right now im shure i ll enjoy painting this big boy as i realy enjoyed painting iob rat ogres. What a pity i dont play them in my armies as i think they are not worth teir point costs and have to use them just like my clanrat unit fillers:-/ See you next time and i hope i inspired & encouraged at least few of you to stop slacking and get painting!;-)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

How to expand my skaven army?

My bunny decing how to expand his army
Browsing the forums i found out a lot of new players are struggling with decision what is best way to expand/start their army. I guess this might be quite difficult for new players judging from various questions about "what should i buy next" scattered across the internet. In fact, it isnt. First thing you have to do is to decide your priorities. Are you interesting in assembling and painting?Or is gaming part of this hobby your priority? Lets say you want to purchase small army and start playing asap. Starter sets like island of blood are perfect for this. In just one box you ll get small skaven and high elves armies and small rulebook. U might say "i dont need small high elven army, i want to play skavens", but dont worry, u can ebay them with ease as they are selling realy good or you can do something better with them. Atract one of your friends to warhammer as well and offer him nice starter amry! But if you are reading this i guess u allready have your starter set ready and thinkink how u should expand your army. Go for skaven batalion box as you cant go wrong with it. It contains 40 clanrats, 20 plague monks, few rat ogres and giant rats with packmasters.

With just those two boxes you ll get:
Part of my army after half year since i purchased iob starter
80 clan rats
20 plague monks
4 rat ogres
6 giant rats
4 packmasters
1 chieftain/warlord model
1 warlock engineer

That gives you army around 1000 points to play with!At this stage you should star thinking about grey seer/warlord model to lead your army as a general so you ll have iob chieftain free to carry battle standart and for example storm banner, giving your plague monks plague banner and those two little things ll make a huge difference on the battlefield. What to buy next is up to you. At this stage you should start thinking about doomwheel/abomination, maybee warp lightning cannon? Hard to say, as it depends on your playstyle and personal preferences. Now you should be closing to 2K points worth army and its even harder to give you any general advice as im in this phase as well, but with army in this state you can finaly start buying models you like and experiment with them on battlefield to found out whitch play style suits you best.
This is not meant to serve as a purchase list for newcomers to warhammer hobby, but an example of aproach i found out as easiest and very cheap, as this hobby can be quite money draining.
If getting in to gaming asap is not your priority and you just enjoy painting and collecting various models(like i do)and have a strange feeling from ordering battalion and painting another 40 clanrats just after you finished painting iob set then dont worry, you are not alone. I had the same feeling and did not purchased skaven batalion box till now, but keep in mind building army this way will cost you a way more money and your army list ll not always be as effective as it could be with iob and batalion boxes. But anyway, this hoby should be about having fun, even when losing a battle so it does not realy matter if you belong to "gamer" or "painter" group. Fun is in first place so dont force your self in to painting another batch of clanrats, you dont have to;-)
Still unshure what to purchase next to your iob starter set?Check out skaven articles on gw page as there is excelent article about skaven sample armies and that shoud finaly give you idea. See you next time!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Skaven vs Dwarves

Positions after first turn
Hello everyone! I just came back from a friendly battle i had against my traditional oponent. He purchased small unpainted dwarf army and as he continues painting we decided to test them on battlefield against my skavens. Unfortunately it was just small 1000 points game as he lacks models, but i dont have enought clanrats/slaves either to play bigger games efective so i belived dice gods ll stay with me today;-)
First move was mine. I activated my storm banner as i ve been facing dwarf gunline and moved everything forward. Clanrats were positioned in mid and left flank. Doomwheel between those two clanrats units. Plague monks on right flank. Dwarven balistas failed to hit anythink, but canon scored a hit to doomwheel and it was left with 2 wounds in first turn.
Doomwheel vs dwarven general
In second turn storm banner remained in play while my oponent charged doomwhell. Domwheel killed just few but it managed to survive 6 attacks from dwarven general and additional attacks from his unit. Lost just one wound. Clanrats on left flang got in to charge range of oponents balista and canon. Clanrats in mid got in to charge range of his shooters, plague monks on right side of the table moved up.
Third turn was awesome. Stormbanner faded out but doomwheel managed to kill half of dwarven general unit, but losing its last wound. Clanrats managed to charge balista and destroy it. Clanrats in mid charged his shooters and wiped them out of the table. However plague monks failed to charge dwarven miners.
In fourth turn tide of battle begin to change, dwarven general managed to charge clanrats on the left and due to terrible combat results clarats tried to run off table, but were pursued and slaughtered. Same results on the right side of table with plague monks. They activated their plague banner but even with all that rerolls the managed to kill just about 6 dwarven miners and lost combat resolution by 1. Failing leader ship, but managed to run away from dwarves. However those pursuing miners run in to perfect place to be hit by my waiting warpfire thrower.
Plague monks advancing on right flank
In next turn  i ve must have been betrayed by dice gods. I allready smelled burned dwarven flesh but warpfire thrower missfired and dissabeared from battlefield with stylish kaboom. Same with poisoned wind mortar.
Hovewer. Plague monks managed to rally themselves and reform to face pursuing dwarf miners.
Clarats from mid marched to charge rang of dwarven canon.
Rest of the game was quite fast, plague monks failed me again and gets destroyed, while my remaining clarats managed to kill canon and wiped the floor with dwarven general and his unit.
Final clash like from 80´s action movies.
Warlord vs dwarven general
First we tought it was slight win for dwarves, but then i realized i managed to kill dwarven general and score additional 100 bonus points, so in the end the game ressulted in draw. It was fast and funny game and im looking forward to play against dwarves again as i enjoyed game much more than my usual skaven vs empire battles.
More articles ll come hopefuly soon as i ve been bit bussy lately, but better times are comming;-) Oh and sorry i did not used proper names for dwarven units as i ve been playing against them for first time and dont remember them yet. Hope you ll forgive me.

See you next time!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Skitterleap focus

With a "Bamf!" the Skaven Sorcerer disappears in a puff of smoke to reappear elsewhere on the battlefield.

Often overlooked by new players, but very viable spell choice if you have prepared couple of toys to play with. Skitterleap can be used in many ways. Most common is to skitterleap your warlock engineer equiped with Doomrocket to the side of enemy lined up army 14 inches away from primary target u wish to hit. Right after the magic phase launch the rocket, roll 4 dices as average roll with them is 14 and u should hit your target with bit luck. If not, rocket ll probably at least partialy hit another enemy unit as your warlock is at side of enemy line. U can do the same with brass orb as it could be same devastating like doomrocket hit if you chose the right target for it. Skitterleap has many uses and its up to you to use this awesome spell to your advantage..oponent has a lone standing wizard on oposite edge of the table? Skitterleap your assasin next to him and down him in shooting phase with your deadly shurikens, etc. etc.. in fact i consider skitterleap one of most poweful spells in skaven lore of magic.

Doomrocket model v2, wet dream of skaven industry
How to get it off? In my first games my opopnents were dispelling all important stuff i wanted to cast. Then i realized i have to drain my oponents dispell dices first by casting few direct damage spells first threatening his valuable targets. Oponent ll enshure to prevent any damage first and ll likely forgot about relative unimportant skitterleap. Usualy i field two engineers and grey seer so it easy to get it off as i try to cast warplightnings by engineers first, they both usualy gets dispelled, then i ll drain last dispell dices oponent usually have left by trying somethink like scorch by my seer and then its time to cast my skitterleap as oponent is usualy out of all dispel dices by now, realizing he allowed you to unleash doomrocket from very threatening position. Almost wiping out one of his units, leaving your engineer in range of his warmachine crews, unshure what to do. Shooting your engineer by his canons, close to his own units, turning one of his units towards engineer and disrupt his defense line? As i stated before, this is very nasty trick and your oponents ll love it;-) Hope this little article give you idea how to use your casters more effective and share more fun with your oponents. If you knew this trick allready...well, hope i ll come up with somethink better next time;-)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Warhammer party! My skavens are attending today

Hold-Stay!Dont fall down you weakling! We have to show those hummies skavens are able to defeat them even in drinking contest! Grab another one Skrit! Drink it, quick-quick! That human is going to fall under the table soon!  Grey seer Zkray looked around and was hapy there are no dwarves at this event. Today, victory is ours!

Hello everyone, i just finished bases for all my clanrats and everythink is ready for the event that kept me bussy in last few days, the public presentation of our wargaming club. We are lacking members(and money for rent our club a space) so we tought it would be nice idea to organize somethink like club open days for everyone but move it to a popular pub near city main square so everyone could come and see bunch of geeks playing with miniatures and hopefuly, get impressed. We ll be playing warhammer, warhammer 40K, bloodbowl, battlefleet gothic, malifaux and possibly drinking a lot. I ll be playing my skaven army there against empire. We realized if we want to impres people then we have to use only full painted armies and as my more experienced "coleagues" with much bigger armies are needed elsewhere than at wfb table i have to take my seat there and play 1850 game against empire all day long:-) There ll not be battlereport from this at its arranged game, whitch has to visualy impres audience.So i field all the big models i have. Hell pit abomination, doomwheel, plague furnace and just about 60 clanrats as there was need to keep list low on points as there would be problem getting oponent with that big full painted army. But we did not wanted to drop somethink from "big models" as audinece ll probably enjoy hell pit abomination more than bigger units of clanrats. Game it self will have nothing to do with well built army list but  to provide visual impresion, slaughter and fast going demo game is its only purpose. Expect pictures and video from there within tommorow. I know this is just a little related to skaven army but i hope everyone could enjoy vid from warhammer party;-) I ll try to improve this in following week as i prepared couple of articles, like skaven lore of magic focus and spell casting tactica as i had problems with efective using skaven casters in my first games. Doomrocket and brass orb focus as i think those toys should be included in every skaven army. Next article should be about starting and expanding skaven army as i noticed a lot of ppl are asking about this on the forums a lot. Wish us a lot o patience today as we ll need it if we want to answer all the questions audience ll have and good luck as there ll be lot of toughnes tests to pass after all the beer we have to drink today. Ah..and sorry for a little offtopic;-)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Plague furnace finished!

Disease-ridden altar to the Great Horned Rat and unholy pulpit for a Plague Priest. It is the noisome shrine of Clan Pestilens and ruination and corruption travel in its wake. Riddled with woodworm, but it is the vast and ornate swinging brazier that commands attention...a glowing hot censer of wrecking ball swings back and forth, issuing overwhelming heat and a roiling cloud that even simple beasts instinctively recognise as poisonous and unnatural 
- skaven army book

Hello everyone! With a little delay, but better than never - my furnace is finished. Hope you like it as it took week of my free time. I quoted part of skaven army book as i feel those sentences are perfect description how this model looks. Unfortunately i cant find any tips how to help some of you who are considering painting this model but are unshure how to approach this awesome model as everything you need is covered in gw screaming bell painting guide. Only think i can advise is a lot of patience during asembly. Dont glue anythink as long as its not neceseary and paint most of model disasembled as it ll make your painting much easier. I hope once more you like my new "mini" and hope i ll have somethink to share with you very soon. Maybee a report how funace performed in its first battle? not shure as i dont own enought plague monks to push it yet, but let me try to surprise you what comes next.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Plague priest finished

After adding few more details my furnace plague priest seems finished and its time to take break from painting weekend. Painting this guy was fun as i basecoated whole model by scorched brown and then drybrushed whole model with mix of graveyard earth and dark angels green. I keep adding more and more layers just adding graveyard earth to the mix and finaly just lightly drybrushed with graveyard earth. Censer and crystal on top of his staff were done same as wrecking ball on my furnace. Basecoated by dark angels green and then drybrushing by mix of DA green and scorpion green. Another layer of just scorpion green and final layer of scorpion green and sunburst yellow mix. I washed those parts with tharka green wash but i dont remember at whitch stage so its up to you to found out if you ll be trying this scheme with your plague priest as well. Hope you like my new mini!

Just before gluing on to the furnace

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Plague frunace half way through

dry assembled furnace
Plague priest wip front
Hi all! Plague furnace kit arrived allready and i think im half way done with it;-) While painting i realized there is not much to share with you as its pretty straightforward model with boring basecotaing part followed by breath taking drybrushing fest comming after when all the deatails starts comming out allong with till that time invisible mold lines(thats exactly the part when i stopped breathing;-)). I really enjoy painting this piece so i had to force me to stop and take few pics and put them here couse otherwise there would be just one post with finished palgue furnace:-) I think i might finish it by tommorow a and share finished piece with you. Wish me luck and see you then!

Monday, 28 February 2011

Screaming bell/plague furnace kit comming!

Finaly i ll have a chance to put my hands on one of main reasons i chose skaven as a race i want to play in wfb. The Screaming Bell kit! Its comming, hopefuly by tommorow;-) Im still not 100% decided if i ll build bell or furnace as i just love look of screaming bell(and would love to convert plague priest model and put him on arabian carpet) but if i look at my army list whitch contain all models i have and think about for what models i ll have spare money in following months then i think i cant go wrong with plague furnace and puting grey seer model on one of microats base i ordered along with it(had to proxy greyseer till now by high elf wizard:-o). I hope i ll have a lot of fun while painting(at least as much as i had with abomination kit) and make another entry in my painting diary with few wip pictures. Dont expect detailed guide as there is allread one on games workshop site but i ll try to pick out few points and ideas i ll have while painting and share them with you. See you then, im going to pray to the post gods for early delivery:-)

Friday, 25 February 2011

Skaven vs Empire 1500pts

No!-Not! Stupid sabotage! My clawleaders must have been bribed!I even suspect that idiot Skrit who has earned himself position of chieftain recently! I ll seek them one by one and punish them for that betrayal!

Hello all! Im here whit my first battlereport. First, i want to appologize for crapy cell phone pictures becouse my camera run out of batery before game even started(first sign of sabotage?:-o)Sit back, enjoy and dont lough at terrible mistake i did this game;-) But in the end it was good for somethink...i ll never again underestimate empire army even if its half dead.

I used this rooster for 1500 pts game against empire:

1 Grey Seer @ 275.0 Pts
     General; Magic Level 4
     Power Scroll [35.0]

1 Chieftain @ 70.0 Pts
     Heavy Armour; Battle Standard

1 Warlock Engineer @ 95.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1
     Doom Rocket [30.0]

1 Warlock Engineer @ 115.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1
     Brass Orb [50.0]

29 Clanrats @ 240.0 Pts
     Spear; Light Armour; Shields; Standard; Musician

     1 Clawleader @ [8.0] Pts

     1 Weapon Team @ [70.0] Pts
          Warpfire Thrower

29 Clanrats @ 235.0 Pts
     Spear; Light Armour; Shields; Standard; Musician

     1 Clawleader @ [8.0] Pts

     1 Weapon Team @ [65.0] Pts
          Poisoned Wind Mortar

19 Plague Monks @ 215.0 Pts
     Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician
     Storm Banner [50.0]

     1 Bringer-of-the-Word @ [10.0] Pts

1 Hellpit Abomination @ 250.0 Pts
     Warpstone Spikes

U may notice i dont field any slaves, just 60 clanrats...well i konow this is not ideal but im just avoiding painting another batch of clanrats. Anway its somethink i ll not avoid in near future if i want to win more games. I builded this army with fun in mind and hope i ll score devastating hits with doomrocket and brass orb in first turn and start trigering panic tests, witch i did, but id did not helped. My both engineers rolled for warp lightning, grey seer got skiterleap, cracks call, scorch and curse of the horned rat. My oponent fielded combination of swordsmen, flagelants, few crosbowmen lvl2 wizard, hellblaster, mortar and canon.

Gaming table was full of obstacles witch was ok but i did not managed to deploy hell pit abomination after his warmachines. As i was finished with everything else before my oponent. But in the end i was finished with deploy fist so i got valuble +1 to roll who ll start first turn.

 Right after deployment
Turn 1:
Everything went according plan. Activated storm banner moved everything up the field and started casting. My oponent manged to dispell both warplightnings but it left me free hands to skiterleap engineer with doomrocket to side of his army to ideal position to launch doomrocket. It hited and killed about 15 swordsmen. Additionaly grey seer managed to cast scorch and kill 10 more humans. Not much happened in shooting phase as mortar hited but killed just few moar humans. So far everything was going well, my oponent had one unit on the run. But in his turn he attempted to rally. Moved everything a little forward but failed to shoot with anythink couse of storm banner active.

Turn 2:
Storm banner went off. I decided to stay with both units of clanrats to maintain some distance and allow me to devastate his ranks with grey seers magic. On the right wing hell pit abomination managed to get in base contact with his flagelants and manged to eat few of them while receiving two wounds. Magice phase was succesful again, both warplightnings from engineers fispelled again but i managed to skiterleap engineer with brass orb behind his line again and coring devastating hit with brass orb. Then another scorch, another succesful hit. Then warpfire thrower did well on shooting hitting that unit as well. Hited unit panicked and running away. His last full unit of swordsmen managed to charge my first block of clanrats. I lost 7 clanrats and killed 5 of his swordsmen.

Engineer just before launching doomrocket
Turn 3:
Flagelants eaten by abominaion. Leaving me in the open field with his cannon about 10inches away and his crosbowmen with wizard about 5 inches in front. Now comes a big decision should i flank charge his swordsmen with my second block of clanrats or should stay and soften block of crosbowmen in front of my abomination about 20 inches in front of grey seer? I decided to stay. Both engineers warplightnings dispelled, but grey seers scorch hited killing most of crosbowmen and wounding enemy wizard. Close combat started looking bad. Swordsmen stucked in to my clanrats managed to kill about 7 or 8 of then while clanrats them selves scored just one kill. My openent manages to kill few clanrats of grey seers group by mortar and succesfuly reforms his running swordsmen balancing on the edge of table allready.

Turn 4:
Last few of brave swordsmen who
managed to change the tide of battle
Abomination moved forward, eating enemy crosbowmen and wizard. Leaving her 8 inches away from cannon. I still can not charge those swordsmen eating my clanrats as i want to enshure i ll destroy enemy hellblaster in front of my second unit of clanrats. Im succesfull with that. But now things ll turn terrible bad for me. Enemy cannon destroys hpa witch did not surprised me, but with plague monks walking through difficult terrain, now about 10 inches away from cannon keeps me confident everythink is fine on the right flank. However close combat is turning terrible wrong. His swordsmen killing about 10 clanrats while losing with just about 2 of their own. With that ressult i dont have more ranks than enemy and have to take ld7 test with reroll. Failed and rats are on the run. Swordsmen failed to pursue but they are charging runnig rats in oponents part of turn and rats are running off table.

Turn 5:
My biggest mistake. I swift reformed my second block of clanrats to face his sowedsmen witch run behind my line in pursue for clanrats. On right flank plague monks are failing to charge cannon. I could have cast curse of horned rat but i didnt. Dont know why but i just tought i ll mange to hold off his allredy softened swordsmen as he ll probably charge my spear equiped clanrats in his part of turn. He did that killing about 8 of my clanrats while i managed to kill 5 swordsmen but had to take ld test on 10. ...dice gods failed me..i rolled 6 and 5 witch put my clanrats on the run and enemy pursued successfull. Whitch left me with only one engineer and plaguemonks left in the game.

Turn 6:
Plague monks charging his cannon and destroying it. Engineers warplightning again dispelled.

Well everything was going so good until turn 5 where i underestimated my oponents swordsmen and had bit of bad luck with ld tests. Next time i have to continue playing even if victory seems imininet as even half dead enemy units can turn the tide of byttle by 180 degrees with bit of luck. I lost with about 300 points worth on the table while my oponent saved about 700.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dawn before the battle

"Tonight! Yes!-yes!" we ll finaly have a chance to teach furless human weaklings a lesson. They ll taste wrath of our endless skaven hordes, our hell pit abomination will taste human flesh again, their skin will burn under flames of our warp flame throwers and they ll run in fear after delivery of newly constructed doomrocket in to their ranks! Nothing can go wrong, not untill my orders ll be obeyed and after i burned one of my clawleaders today, none ll dare to stand up and face my superior intelect!

First battle report is comming, stay tuned, and wish me luck! It ll be a small 1500 pts game against empire. Im goin to try hell pit abomination for the first time. I included few toys to my army(brass orb, doomrocket) so i think it ll be a funny game and if dice gods ll be with me i except even more fun and lot of butchered humans right after first turn. Acording to my night runner scouts my oponent ll field a steamtank and thats why i included brass orb on the last minute to my rooster. If my engineer ll not manage to score a hit to steam tank with it, then i expect a lot of butchery in mid  field and guess there ll not be much to do, except to relly on winds of magic and decent casting rolls as im going to use three casters in this game. I ll try to take few pictures to perpetuate this glorious encounter and help other skaven beginers to avoid mistakes i ll probably do;-) See you tommorow by the battle report!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tabletop Hell Pit Abomination quick & easy

 Hi all, im here to write first entry of my painting diary. This one ll be bit shortspoken but i think it ll be to the point and hopefuly ll help someone who is afraid to paint hell pit abomination without airbrush same as i was when first opened box and saw a lot of those large surfaces. This is not meant to be a detailed guide how to paint every last detail of this model, not even guide how to paint model in award winning quality but rough sequence of steps i did to achieve nice tabletop level. 

First of all you ll need very well thinned Skull white, as our main goal here is to avoid visible brush strokes. Thin your Skull white at least 50/50 with water and make several coats. Dont be affraid after first layer as model ll look terrible but things ll start to look better after 3 or 4 layers and if you thinned your color well you dont have to be afraid about one mm thick layer of color ruining your model;-) When you ll have solid white surface everywhere like you can see on first picture the most boring part is allready behind you.
Now here comes all the fun. Its very simple. You ll need Delvan mud wash, Gryphon sephia and Ogryn flesh wash. I washed whole model in following order as i stated above. Layer of Delvan mud, then layer of Gryphon and Ogryn flesh followed by another layer of Delvan mud. Only expection is jaw where i used only two layers of Gryphon sephia. Now, you have the main body finished. At this stage i based the mini and started working on details. 
Theres not much to talk about, you have to highlight all the scars, stitches, paint wooden and metalic parts. Its up to you to chose what looks best to you. In my case i prefer dirty steel like surface over most used rusted bronze scheme for chest piece. You should achieve somethink like on third picture very easy if you followed my steps. Its not best hpa you can found on the internet but definetly you ll dont have to shy for your model and ll have a nice centre piece of your army. Hope you liked first entry of my painting diary and even helped you if you are same painting beginer as i am.

Friday, 18 February 2011


"Fast!-Quick!" sounds in echoes inside my head as i started works on this little blog. My motivation is simple, but great as i noticed there is little to be found about our superior race on pages of network called internet. Of course, its becouse it was created by those furless humans whitch often ignore, deny and refuse our superiority! Now its time to punish them and change the tide of internet in to the favor of Great Horned Rat!

Hi All!
I would like to introduce you to my at this time little blog about skavens and wargaming in general. I ll try to fill those pages with army lists, skaven tactics articles, painting tutorials for beginers and more. I decided to start this project becouse as a begginer to skaven cause i had many questions and i failed to find useful page dedicated to skavens. Of course theres a lot of wargaming forums where i got a lot of helpful information, but a lot of people are shy to ask(include my self)so i decided to share my story with the rest of warhammer beginers whitch started  building and playing skaven army recently. I ve got few articles in my head allready and ll start posting them in following weeks. Hope those peages ll help somebody out of labyrint of questions and if not, i ll try at least to entertain brothers in our skaven couse!
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