Monday, 23 May 2011

Rock spire terrain piece

Hello everyone! Im back to show you my new terrain piece i made this sunday. I inspired my self in how to make wargames terrain book this time. I always liked rock spires whitch can be often found on citadels orc/barren themed tables. I just chose different colour scheme to fit my table and changed building process a little, as i dont have hot wire cutter and wanted to make building bit easier. I used a lot of toilet paper soaked in pva glue again and i was surprised how good it looked after first drybrush. I made building even easier as i used citadel spray gun my friend borrowed me. If i exclude time for pva glue drying it was built within an hour. I ll have to make quite few of these so i ll take pictures durring assembly of next piece and share it with you, as i think it looks quite nice and its easy to build. See you next time by rock spire tutorial!

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