Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ruined temple terrain piece

Ikit lurking through Lustria
Ikit Claw is a Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre and the emissary of Lord Warlock Morskittar, one of the Lords of Decay.
Ikit Claw has dedicated his life to the study of Magic, be it of Human, Elf or otherwise. He has journeyed to many places in the decades leading up the Second Skaven Civil War, including Cathay, the burial vaults of Vorshgar in northern Naggaroth, the island of Albion in search of the magic of the Old Ones and Lustria to visit the ancient and monolithic ruins which have stood for millenia. The knowledge Ikit Claw gained from his journeys around the world allowed him to create a tome of the spells of the civilised world.

Once more today! As im waiting till pva glue dries on other pieces of rock spires im making for my gaming table i decided to finish ruined temple terrain piece i made of hirstarts bricks friend of mine gave me yesterday. Dont know what to tell about it, im not very satisfied as i did to many mistakes but i think its worth sharing. Placed Ikit claw inside to give you idea about its size as i imagined him crawling through one of ruined lustrian temples deep inside jungle seeking for knowledge;-) Even its not best made, painted, based, i belive it ll be nice piece of terrain to have on my own warhammer table. Hope you like it!

Citadel finecast, excited or not?

Hello everyone, i ve just stod up from my work bench to realize gw released their citadel finecast range. First, i have to say im really excited gods finaly heard my prayers and i dont have to buy metal models anymore! Dont own any finecast model my self yet and had mixed feelings when first read they ll be resin made, especialy after i experienced forge worlds product whitch almost always come in terrible condition, tbh krieg corps inantry minis were the worst made ive ever seen if i dont count landraider custom doors comming like they received several smashes by hammer before packaging. I dont know if we can blame delivery company for this or if forge world decided to ship second/third grade products to mid europe? I dont know and i ve been really scared when first heard finecasts are going to be resin made after this terrible experience with resin models. Anyway most worries quickly dissapeared when looked for example at first impressions video from miniwargaming at youtube, then i started to have good feeling about whole thing. Minis seems to be more detailed than metal ones and whats most important, worh your money, even through price increase.
So far there are just few finecast models for skavens, and i hope all skaven metal models ll be aviable in resin soon. Till now we can enjoy new warlord, queek headtaker, deathmaster snikch and warplock jezzails(3 teams in one box!)
 Ive seen a lot of complains on the internet, even my friends complaining about gw price increase in last few weeks but i have to say wtf? I think nobody whos going outside shoping time to time cant be surprised by price increase, even stupid potatoes doubled their price last year. I know, every price increase is annoying, but if you look at prices of other major plastic kit manufacturers outside wargaming range(i dont want to name any, but  ones making planes, tanks etc. in 1/32 scale)then i think we can be glad we are games workshop customers. Dont get me wrong, this post is not payed finecast advert, i still think this whole hobby is bit overpriced, but whitch hobby isnt if you want to do it right? Its all about priorities and i think its still cheaper to purchase box of minis than goin in to pub on friday night and have a fun;-) Dont you?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Rock spire terrain piece

Hello everyone! Im back to show you my new terrain piece i made this sunday. I inspired my self in how to make wargames terrain book this time. I always liked rock spires whitch can be often found on citadels orc/barren themed tables. I just chose different colour scheme to fit my table and changed building process a little, as i dont have hot wire cutter and wanted to make building bit easier. I used a lot of toilet paper soaked in pva glue again and i was surprised how good it looked after first drybrush. I made building even easier as i used citadel spray gun my friend borrowed me. If i exclude time for pva glue drying it was built within an hour. I ll have to make quite few of these so i ll take pictures durring assembly of next piece and share it with you, as i think it looks quite nice and its easy to build. See you next time by rock spire tutorial!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Autumn forrest

Hello everyone! After little delay im back to show you my first terrain piece. Its forrest made from wires, pva glue and autumn mix of nochs dekormoos. I ve been following gwinns tutorial from coolminiornot most of building process and after several not satisfiing attempts of using rope strings as  foliage  i decided to visit local train modeling store and found excelent material for this. Its noch dekormoss whitch is aviable in different colours and different mixes and as you can see i liked autumn mix most. Only disadvantage of this product is that it stinks, and it sthinks realy bad when u have nose by it. But i had it on the air overnight and its not as strong as yesterday now, so i hope it ll get even better. As you can see, my little forrest is not perfect but i think it ended well for first attempt, thanks to train store i visited yesterday and helpful staff whitch helped me a lot when i mentioned tree making, overwhelming me with ton of different products i can use for this purpose.
This is the first piece of my biggest modeling project yet as im going to make my own warhammer table. What a pitty i live in such small apartment so i dont have room for pernament gaming table and this one is going to be flat desk, with citadell battlemat glued on to it as it have to be stored between library and kitchen wall, so building, styrofoam cutting, gluing orgies are not going to happen:-/ But i want to make a lot of terrain pieces to enhance its look and have a fun playing on it. Dont forget to visit gwinns wood elf forrest tutorial as its excelent guide how to make somethink like this using materials everyone have at home. Hope my forrest dont look that bad when i revealed original, but i ll try to improve till next time. Unfortunately there ll be shortage of skaven related articles in following few months as im going to work on gaming table, but i think there is always shortage of make somethink of nothing guides;-) See you then!
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