Thursday, 19 May 2011

Autumn forrest

Hello everyone! After little delay im back to show you my first terrain piece. Its forrest made from wires, pva glue and autumn mix of nochs dekormoos. I ve been following gwinns tutorial from coolminiornot most of building process and after several not satisfiing attempts of using rope strings as  foliage  i decided to visit local train modeling store and found excelent material for this. Its noch dekormoss whitch is aviable in different colours and different mixes and as you can see i liked autumn mix most. Only disadvantage of this product is that it stinks, and it sthinks realy bad when u have nose by it. But i had it on the air overnight and its not as strong as yesterday now, so i hope it ll get even better. As you can see, my little forrest is not perfect but i think it ended well for first attempt, thanks to train store i visited yesterday and helpful staff whitch helped me a lot when i mentioned tree making, overwhelming me with ton of different products i can use for this purpose.
This is the first piece of my biggest modeling project yet as im going to make my own warhammer table. What a pitty i live in such small apartment so i dont have room for pernament gaming table and this one is going to be flat desk, with citadell battlemat glued on to it as it have to be stored between library and kitchen wall, so building, styrofoam cutting, gluing orgies are not going to happen:-/ But i want to make a lot of terrain pieces to enhance its look and have a fun playing on it. Dont forget to visit gwinns wood elf forrest tutorial as its excelent guide how to make somethink like this using materials everyone have at home. Hope my forrest dont look that bad when i revealed original, but i ll try to improve till next time. Unfortunately there ll be shortage of skaven related articles in following few months as im going to work on gaming table, but i think there is always shortage of make somethink of nothing guides;-) See you then!

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