Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ruined temple terrain piece

Ikit lurking through Lustria
Ikit Claw is a Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre and the emissary of Lord Warlock Morskittar, one of the Lords of Decay.
Ikit Claw has dedicated his life to the study of Magic, be it of Human, Elf or otherwise. He has journeyed to many places in the decades leading up the Second Skaven Civil War, including Cathay, the burial vaults of Vorshgar in northern Naggaroth, the island of Albion in search of the magic of the Old Ones and Lustria to visit the ancient and monolithic ruins which have stood for millenia. The knowledge Ikit Claw gained from his journeys around the world allowed him to create a tome of the spells of the civilised world.

Once more today! As im waiting till pva glue dries on other pieces of rock spires im making for my gaming table i decided to finish ruined temple terrain piece i made of hirstarts bricks friend of mine gave me yesterday. Dont know what to tell about it, im not very satisfied as i did to many mistakes but i think its worth sharing. Placed Ikit claw inside to give you idea about its size as i imagined him crawling through one of ruined lustrian temples deep inside jungle seeking for knowledge;-) Even its not best made, painted, based, i belive it ll be nice piece of terrain to have on my own warhammer table. Hope you like it!

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