Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Queek Headtaker Finished

Warlord Queek Headtaker, is the right claw of Warlord Gnawdwell, ruler of Clan Mors and the City of Pillars. Queek has been groomed by Gnawdwell from the moment of his birth, provided with the best armour and weapons, protecting him from the other Lords of Decay, and also staging assassination attempts to keep him on his toes. Queek has led several armies against the Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Goblin Warlord Skarsnik, ruler of the upper levels of Karak Eight Peaks. Recently Queek led Clan Mors against a group of Night Goblins in the Battle of the North Stair where they killed and enslaved every Goblin they could find, Queek himself killing the Night Goblin chief.
Queek's temper is well known and admired throughout the Skavendom and Queek is more than welcome to accept all challengers to his power, entering single combat and slaying them. His trophy rack, among other things, consists of the head of Krug Ironhand of Karak Drazh, Ikit Slash of Fester Spike and the hands of Albrecht Kraus.

Hello everyone! Im back just to quickly post finished queek headteker. As you can see i did not used typical red armoured scheme as i tought rusted bronze cloured armor ll fit him better. However im not satisfied with my painting on this model, dont know why but i just sux at both asembling and painting metal models. Hope i reached at least tabletop quality with this guy. For future i ll have to look for tutorial how to paint armoured characters as i have the same issue with stormvermins im working on now and after i found out where am i making mistake im going to share my toughts with you on skaven example. Or if any of visitors have experience with painting heavy armoured characters please let me know, help ll be more than welcome. See you next time and wish me better luck with stormvermins than i had with this guy;-)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rat ogre w power weapons!

If mutation was an art, then Rat Ogres would be the masterpiece of the Skaven Clan Moulder's endless experiments with Warpstone. Created with bits of organic material from dozens of creatures, only the strongest survive the terrible birth conditions that they are created in. Rat Ogres are hulking monstrosities, let loose on the battlefield by their Packmasters, whom are much like those who drive forth Clan Moulder's Giant Rats. Once unleashed, Rat Ogres are a terrible sight to behold, and are great killing machines that were born to fight and tear up infantry like dolls.

-skaven army book

 Hi all, after few hours of painting my rat ogre seems finished. I think he looks pretty cool with space wolves power axe in one hand and hammer in another. But its up to you to judge it. Im going to use him as unit filler in ranks of my clanrats as i liked his sculpt and did not wanted to leave him in sprue forever. In fact, im using both rat ogres from iob as unit fillers as i like their models, but they never perform well on the tabletop under my command and i think they are quite expensive point wise in small format games i am playing. Painting this guy was quite straithforward like every model im painting, maybee its not about the models but limits of my painting skills. But if you are new to painting hobby here you can see what can be done with just simple washing and drybrushing as this guy was painted in about 2 hours with help of hairdryer and rabbit scratching my feet demanding attention. Hovewer im still not satisfied with his weapons and chain and ll have to think about it, and maybee its time to buy more metalic paints as only one i have is boltgun metal and 30yrs old revell silver paint;-) Hope you ll like pictures and get idea what to do with spare screaming bell rat ogre. Hope you ll visit my blog soon as im just going to unpack box of stormvermins and make a simple step by step painting guide for newbies as there is never enought newbie tutorials on the internet. But its a question if newbie written guide for newbies ll be for somethink. Hope you could have at least good laugh if nothink;-) See you next time!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rat ogre unit filler wip

Hi again, today morning i just started painting my spare screaming bell rat ogre to use as a unit filler. I choped of warpfire ball i attached to end of chain yesterday becouse i was afraind it ll break off during first transport in my figure case. Instead of it i drilled holes to both sides of his hand and putted in a space wolves power axe. I know it have wolf head insted of rat head as a decoration but...i ve seen ppl using dog heads in skaven conversions so i think wolf head ll be just fine for this model as it might look like bit raty in this scale. I made a temporary base for him from leftover bases i found in my bit box so ll have to mask those glued lines very good or found a better base for him. Its not even half finished but i felt i should share somethink with visitors of this little blog to have somethink goin on here. See you next time with this boy and queek headtaker finished!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Whats goin on?

Hello everyone! Its been quite few days since i wrote my last post so i decided to share with you whats going in ranks of my skaven army. I realy hate metal models but i could not resist to purchase Queek Headtaker mini as i always liked his model and as one of my friends purchased dwarf army recently he could be quite handy;-) I know some coul call me fotm fag now, me as you want i want to slaughter moar dwarves;-)Here comes his work in progress photo as a proof im not slacking. As i stated before i hate metal models so you could find few inacurate assemblies and uncleaned mold lines but i think he ll look fine on the table.
Second mini i just started to working on is screaming bell rat ogre. I attached small warpfire ball from hell pit abomination kit on to end of his chain and fited hammer from space wolf sprue in to his left hand, but i might change that as it might look strange on him and hes not going to fit on to the base like that. Right now im shure i ll enjoy painting this big boy as i realy enjoyed painting iob rat ogres. What a pity i dont play them in my armies as i think they are not worth teir point costs and have to use them just like my clanrat unit fillers:-/ See you next time and i hope i inspired & encouraged at least few of you to stop slacking and get painting!;-)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

How to expand my skaven army?

My bunny decing how to expand his army
Browsing the forums i found out a lot of new players are struggling with decision what is best way to expand/start their army. I guess this might be quite difficult for new players judging from various questions about "what should i buy next" scattered across the internet. In fact, it isnt. First thing you have to do is to decide your priorities. Are you interesting in assembling and painting?Or is gaming part of this hobby your priority? Lets say you want to purchase small army and start playing asap. Starter sets like island of blood are perfect for this. In just one box you ll get small skaven and high elves armies and small rulebook. U might say "i dont need small high elven army, i want to play skavens", but dont worry, u can ebay them with ease as they are selling realy good or you can do something better with them. Atract one of your friends to warhammer as well and offer him nice starter amry! But if you are reading this i guess u allready have your starter set ready and thinkink how u should expand your army. Go for skaven batalion box as you cant go wrong with it. It contains 40 clanrats, 20 plague monks, few rat ogres and giant rats with packmasters.

With just those two boxes you ll get:
Part of my army after half year since i purchased iob starter
80 clan rats
20 plague monks
4 rat ogres
6 giant rats
4 packmasters
1 chieftain/warlord model
1 warlock engineer

That gives you army around 1000 points to play with!At this stage you should star thinking about grey seer/warlord model to lead your army as a general so you ll have iob chieftain free to carry battle standart and for example storm banner, giving your plague monks plague banner and those two little things ll make a huge difference on the battlefield. What to buy next is up to you. At this stage you should start thinking about doomwheel/abomination, maybee warp lightning cannon? Hard to say, as it depends on your playstyle and personal preferences. Now you should be closing to 2K points worth army and its even harder to give you any general advice as im in this phase as well, but with army in this state you can finaly start buying models you like and experiment with them on battlefield to found out whitch play style suits you best.
This is not meant to serve as a purchase list for newcomers to warhammer hobby, but an example of aproach i found out as easiest and very cheap, as this hobby can be quite money draining.
If getting in to gaming asap is not your priority and you just enjoy painting and collecting various models(like i do)and have a strange feeling from ordering battalion and painting another 40 clanrats just after you finished painting iob set then dont worry, you are not alone. I had the same feeling and did not purchased skaven batalion box till now, but keep in mind building army this way will cost you a way more money and your army list ll not always be as effective as it could be with iob and batalion boxes. But anyway, this hoby should be about having fun, even when losing a battle so it does not realy matter if you belong to "gamer" or "painter" group. Fun is in first place so dont force your self in to painting another batch of clanrats, you dont have to;-)
Still unshure what to purchase next to your iob starter set?Check out skaven articles on gw page as there is excelent article about skaven sample armies and that shoud finaly give you idea. See you next time!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Skaven vs Dwarves

Positions after first turn
Hello everyone! I just came back from a friendly battle i had against my traditional oponent. He purchased small unpainted dwarf army and as he continues painting we decided to test them on battlefield against my skavens. Unfortunately it was just small 1000 points game as he lacks models, but i dont have enought clanrats/slaves either to play bigger games efective so i belived dice gods ll stay with me today;-)
First move was mine. I activated my storm banner as i ve been facing dwarf gunline and moved everything forward. Clanrats were positioned in mid and left flank. Doomwheel between those two clanrats units. Plague monks on right flank. Dwarven balistas failed to hit anythink, but canon scored a hit to doomwheel and it was left with 2 wounds in first turn.
Doomwheel vs dwarven general
In second turn storm banner remained in play while my oponent charged doomwhell. Domwheel killed just few but it managed to survive 6 attacks from dwarven general and additional attacks from his unit. Lost just one wound. Clanrats on left flang got in to charge range of oponents balista and canon. Clanrats in mid got in to charge range of his shooters, plague monks on right side of the table moved up.
Third turn was awesome. Stormbanner faded out but doomwheel managed to kill half of dwarven general unit, but losing its last wound. Clanrats managed to charge balista and destroy it. Clanrats in mid charged his shooters and wiped them out of the table. However plague monks failed to charge dwarven miners.
In fourth turn tide of battle begin to change, dwarven general managed to charge clanrats on the left and due to terrible combat results clarats tried to run off table, but were pursued and slaughtered. Same results on the right side of table with plague monks. They activated their plague banner but even with all that rerolls the managed to kill just about 6 dwarven miners and lost combat resolution by 1. Failing leader ship, but managed to run away from dwarves. However those pursuing miners run in to perfect place to be hit by my waiting warpfire thrower.
Plague monks advancing on right flank
In next turn  i ve must have been betrayed by dice gods. I allready smelled burned dwarven flesh but warpfire thrower missfired and dissabeared from battlefield with stylish kaboom. Same with poisoned wind mortar.
Hovewer. Plague monks managed to rally themselves and reform to face pursuing dwarf miners.
Clarats from mid marched to charge rang of dwarven canon.
Rest of the game was quite fast, plague monks failed me again and gets destroyed, while my remaining clarats managed to kill canon and wiped the floor with dwarven general and his unit.
Final clash like from 80´s action movies.
Warlord vs dwarven general
First we tought it was slight win for dwarves, but then i realized i managed to kill dwarven general and score additional 100 bonus points, so in the end the game ressulted in draw. It was fast and funny game and im looking forward to play against dwarves again as i enjoyed game much more than my usual skaven vs empire battles.
More articles ll come hopefuly soon as i ve been bit bussy lately, but better times are comming;-) Oh and sorry i did not used proper names for dwarven units as i ve been playing against them for first time and dont remember them yet. Hope you ll forgive me.

See you next time!
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