Monday, 21 March 2011

Skitterleap focus

With a "Bamf!" the Skaven Sorcerer disappears in a puff of smoke to reappear elsewhere on the battlefield.

Often overlooked by new players, but very viable spell choice if you have prepared couple of toys to play with. Skitterleap can be used in many ways. Most common is to skitterleap your warlock engineer equiped with Doomrocket to the side of enemy lined up army 14 inches away from primary target u wish to hit. Right after the magic phase launch the rocket, roll 4 dices as average roll with them is 14 and u should hit your target with bit luck. If not, rocket ll probably at least partialy hit another enemy unit as your warlock is at side of enemy line. U can do the same with brass orb as it could be same devastating like doomrocket hit if you chose the right target for it. Skitterleap has many uses and its up to you to use this awesome spell to your advantage..oponent has a lone standing wizard on oposite edge of the table? Skitterleap your assasin next to him and down him in shooting phase with your deadly shurikens, etc. etc.. in fact i consider skitterleap one of most poweful spells in skaven lore of magic.

Doomrocket model v2, wet dream of skaven industry
How to get it off? In my first games my opopnents were dispelling all important stuff i wanted to cast. Then i realized i have to drain my oponents dispell dices first by casting few direct damage spells first threatening his valuable targets. Oponent ll enshure to prevent any damage first and ll likely forgot about relative unimportant skitterleap. Usualy i field two engineers and grey seer so it easy to get it off as i try to cast warplightnings by engineers first, they both usualy gets dispelled, then i ll drain last dispell dices oponent usually have left by trying somethink like scorch by my seer and then its time to cast my skitterleap as oponent is usualy out of all dispel dices by now, realizing he allowed you to unleash doomrocket from very threatening position. Almost wiping out one of his units, leaving your engineer in range of his warmachine crews, unshure what to do. Shooting your engineer by his canons, close to his own units, turning one of his units towards engineer and disrupt his defense line? As i stated before, this is very nasty trick and your oponents ll love it;-) Hope this little article give you idea how to use your casters more effective and share more fun with your oponents. If you knew this trick allready...well, hope i ll come up with somethink better next time;-)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Warhammer party! My skavens are attending today

Hold-Stay!Dont fall down you weakling! We have to show those hummies skavens are able to defeat them even in drinking contest! Grab another one Skrit! Drink it, quick-quick! That human is going to fall under the table soon!  Grey seer Zkray looked around and was hapy there are no dwarves at this event. Today, victory is ours!

Hello everyone, i just finished bases for all my clanrats and everythink is ready for the event that kept me bussy in last few days, the public presentation of our wargaming club. We are lacking members(and money for rent our club a space) so we tought it would be nice idea to organize somethink like club open days for everyone but move it to a popular pub near city main square so everyone could come and see bunch of geeks playing with miniatures and hopefuly, get impressed. We ll be playing warhammer, warhammer 40K, bloodbowl, battlefleet gothic, malifaux and possibly drinking a lot. I ll be playing my skaven army there against empire. We realized if we want to impres people then we have to use only full painted armies and as my more experienced "coleagues" with much bigger armies are needed elsewhere than at wfb table i have to take my seat there and play 1850 game against empire all day long:-) There ll not be battlereport from this at its arranged game, whitch has to visualy impres audience.So i field all the big models i have. Hell pit abomination, doomwheel, plague furnace and just about 60 clanrats as there was need to keep list low on points as there would be problem getting oponent with that big full painted army. But we did not wanted to drop somethink from "big models" as audinece ll probably enjoy hell pit abomination more than bigger units of clanrats. Game it self will have nothing to do with well built army list but  to provide visual impresion, slaughter and fast going demo game is its only purpose. Expect pictures and video from there within tommorow. I know this is just a little related to skaven army but i hope everyone could enjoy vid from warhammer party;-) I ll try to improve this in following week as i prepared couple of articles, like skaven lore of magic focus and spell casting tactica as i had problems with efective using skaven casters in my first games. Doomrocket and brass orb focus as i think those toys should be included in every skaven army. Next article should be about starting and expanding skaven army as i noticed a lot of ppl are asking about this on the forums a lot. Wish us a lot o patience today as we ll need it if we want to answer all the questions audience ll have and good luck as there ll be lot of toughnes tests to pass after all the beer we have to drink today. Ah..and sorry for a little offtopic;-)

Friday, 11 March 2011

Plague furnace finished!

Disease-ridden altar to the Great Horned Rat and unholy pulpit for a Plague Priest. It is the noisome shrine of Clan Pestilens and ruination and corruption travel in its wake. Riddled with woodworm, but it is the vast and ornate swinging brazier that commands attention...a glowing hot censer of wrecking ball swings back and forth, issuing overwhelming heat and a roiling cloud that even simple beasts instinctively recognise as poisonous and unnatural 
- skaven army book

Hello everyone! With a little delay, but better than never - my furnace is finished. Hope you like it as it took week of my free time. I quoted part of skaven army book as i feel those sentences are perfect description how this model looks. Unfortunately i cant find any tips how to help some of you who are considering painting this model but are unshure how to approach this awesome model as everything you need is covered in gw screaming bell painting guide. Only think i can advise is a lot of patience during asembly. Dont glue anythink as long as its not neceseary and paint most of model disasembled as it ll make your painting much easier. I hope once more you like my new "mini" and hope i ll have somethink to share with you very soon. Maybee a report how funace performed in its first battle? not shure as i dont own enought plague monks to push it yet, but let me try to surprise you what comes next.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Plague priest finished

After adding few more details my furnace plague priest seems finished and its time to take break from painting weekend. Painting this guy was fun as i basecoated whole model by scorched brown and then drybrushed whole model with mix of graveyard earth and dark angels green. I keep adding more and more layers just adding graveyard earth to the mix and finaly just lightly drybrushed with graveyard earth. Censer and crystal on top of his staff were done same as wrecking ball on my furnace. Basecoated by dark angels green and then drybrushing by mix of DA green and scorpion green. Another layer of just scorpion green and final layer of scorpion green and sunburst yellow mix. I washed those parts with tharka green wash but i dont remember at whitch stage so its up to you to found out if you ll be trying this scheme with your plague priest as well. Hope you like my new mini!

Just before gluing on to the furnace

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Plague frunace half way through

dry assembled furnace
Plague priest wip front
Hi all! Plague furnace kit arrived allready and i think im half way done with it;-) While painting i realized there is not much to share with you as its pretty straightforward model with boring basecotaing part followed by breath taking drybrushing fest comming after when all the deatails starts comming out allong with till that time invisible mold lines(thats exactly the part when i stopped breathing;-)). I really enjoy painting this piece so i had to force me to stop and take few pics and put them here couse otherwise there would be just one post with finished palgue furnace:-) I think i might finish it by tommorow a and share finished piece with you. Wish me luck and see you then!

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