Friday, 11 March 2011

Plague furnace finished!

Disease-ridden altar to the Great Horned Rat and unholy pulpit for a Plague Priest. It is the noisome shrine of Clan Pestilens and ruination and corruption travel in its wake. Riddled with woodworm, but it is the vast and ornate swinging brazier that commands attention...a glowing hot censer of wrecking ball swings back and forth, issuing overwhelming heat and a roiling cloud that even simple beasts instinctively recognise as poisonous and unnatural 
- skaven army book

Hello everyone! With a little delay, but better than never - my furnace is finished. Hope you like it as it took week of my free time. I quoted part of skaven army book as i feel those sentences are perfect description how this model looks. Unfortunately i cant find any tips how to help some of you who are considering painting this model but are unshure how to approach this awesome model as everything you need is covered in gw screaming bell painting guide. Only think i can advise is a lot of patience during asembly. Dont glue anythink as long as its not neceseary and paint most of model disasembled as it ll make your painting much easier. I hope once more you like my new "mini" and hope i ll have somethink to share with you very soon. Maybee a report how funace performed in its first battle? not shure as i dont own enought plague monks to push it yet, but let me try to surprise you what comes next.

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