Saturday, 19 March 2011

Warhammer party! My skavens are attending today

Hold-Stay!Dont fall down you weakling! We have to show those hummies skavens are able to defeat them even in drinking contest! Grab another one Skrit! Drink it, quick-quick! That human is going to fall under the table soon!  Grey seer Zkray looked around and was hapy there are no dwarves at this event. Today, victory is ours!

Hello everyone, i just finished bases for all my clanrats and everythink is ready for the event that kept me bussy in last few days, the public presentation of our wargaming club. We are lacking members(and money for rent our club a space) so we tought it would be nice idea to organize somethink like club open days for everyone but move it to a popular pub near city main square so everyone could come and see bunch of geeks playing with miniatures and hopefuly, get impressed. We ll be playing warhammer, warhammer 40K, bloodbowl, battlefleet gothic, malifaux and possibly drinking a lot. I ll be playing my skaven army there against empire. We realized if we want to impres people then we have to use only full painted armies and as my more experienced "coleagues" with much bigger armies are needed elsewhere than at wfb table i have to take my seat there and play 1850 game against empire all day long:-) There ll not be battlereport from this at its arranged game, whitch has to visualy impres audience.So i field all the big models i have. Hell pit abomination, doomwheel, plague furnace and just about 60 clanrats as there was need to keep list low on points as there would be problem getting oponent with that big full painted army. But we did not wanted to drop somethink from "big models" as audinece ll probably enjoy hell pit abomination more than bigger units of clanrats. Game it self will have nothing to do with well built army list but  to provide visual impresion, slaughter and fast going demo game is its only purpose. Expect pictures and video from there within tommorow. I know this is just a little related to skaven army but i hope everyone could enjoy vid from warhammer party;-) I ll try to improve this in following week as i prepared couple of articles, like skaven lore of magic focus and spell casting tactica as i had problems with efective using skaven casters in my first games. Doomrocket and brass orb focus as i think those toys should be included in every skaven army. Next article should be about starting and expanding skaven army as i noticed a lot of ppl are asking about this on the forums a lot. Wish us a lot o patience today as we ll need it if we want to answer all the questions audience ll have and good luck as there ll be lot of toughnes tests to pass after all the beer we have to drink today. Ah..and sorry for a little offtopic;-)

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