Sunday, 6 March 2011

Plague priest finished

After adding few more details my furnace plague priest seems finished and its time to take break from painting weekend. Painting this guy was fun as i basecoated whole model by scorched brown and then drybrushed whole model with mix of graveyard earth and dark angels green. I keep adding more and more layers just adding graveyard earth to the mix and finaly just lightly drybrushed with graveyard earth. Censer and crystal on top of his staff were done same as wrecking ball on my furnace. Basecoated by dark angels green and then drybrushing by mix of DA green and scorpion green. Another layer of just scorpion green and final layer of scorpion green and sunburst yellow mix. I washed those parts with tharka green wash but i dont remember at whitch stage so its up to you to found out if you ll be trying this scheme with your plague priest as well. Hope you like my new mini!

Just before gluing on to the furnace

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