Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Rat ogre w power weapons!

If mutation was an art, then Rat Ogres would be the masterpiece of the Skaven Clan Moulder's endless experiments with Warpstone. Created with bits of organic material from dozens of creatures, only the strongest survive the terrible birth conditions that they are created in. Rat Ogres are hulking monstrosities, let loose on the battlefield by their Packmasters, whom are much like those who drive forth Clan Moulder's Giant Rats. Once unleashed, Rat Ogres are a terrible sight to behold, and are great killing machines that were born to fight and tear up infantry like dolls.

-skaven army book

 Hi all, after few hours of painting my rat ogre seems finished. I think he looks pretty cool with space wolves power axe in one hand and hammer in another. But its up to you to judge it. Im going to use him as unit filler in ranks of my clanrats as i liked his sculpt and did not wanted to leave him in sprue forever. In fact, im using both rat ogres from iob as unit fillers as i like their models, but they never perform well on the tabletop under my command and i think they are quite expensive point wise in small format games i am playing. Painting this guy was quite straithforward like every model im painting, maybee its not about the models but limits of my painting skills. But if you are new to painting hobby here you can see what can be done with just simple washing and drybrushing as this guy was painted in about 2 hours with help of hairdryer and rabbit scratching my feet demanding attention. Hovewer im still not satisfied with his weapons and chain and ll have to think about it, and maybee its time to buy more metalic paints as only one i have is boltgun metal and 30yrs old revell silver paint;-) Hope you ll like pictures and get idea what to do with spare screaming bell rat ogre. Hope you ll visit my blog soon as im just going to unpack box of stormvermins and make a simple step by step painting guide for newbies as there is never enought newbie tutorials on the internet. But its a question if newbie written guide for newbies ll be for somethink. Hope you could have at least good laugh if nothink;-) See you next time!

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