Monday, 18 April 2011

Whats goin on?

Hello everyone! Its been quite few days since i wrote my last post so i decided to share with you whats going in ranks of my skaven army. I realy hate metal models but i could not resist to purchase Queek Headtaker mini as i always liked his model and as one of my friends purchased dwarf army recently he could be quite handy;-) I know some coul call me fotm fag now, me as you want i want to slaughter moar dwarves;-)Here comes his work in progress photo as a proof im not slacking. As i stated before i hate metal models so you could find few inacurate assemblies and uncleaned mold lines but i think he ll look fine on the table.
Second mini i just started to working on is screaming bell rat ogre. I attached small warpfire ball from hell pit abomination kit on to end of his chain and fited hammer from space wolf sprue in to his left hand, but i might change that as it might look strange on him and hes not going to fit on to the base like that. Right now im shure i ll enjoy painting this big boy as i realy enjoyed painting iob rat ogres. What a pity i dont play them in my armies as i think they are not worth teir point costs and have to use them just like my clanrat unit fillers:-/ See you next time and i hope i inspired & encouraged at least few of you to stop slacking and get painting!;-)

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