Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rat ogre unit filler wip

Hi again, today morning i just started painting my spare screaming bell rat ogre to use as a unit filler. I choped of warpfire ball i attached to end of chain yesterday becouse i was afraind it ll break off during first transport in my figure case. Instead of it i drilled holes to both sides of his hand and putted in a space wolves power axe. I know it have wolf head insted of rat head as a decoration but...i ve seen ppl using dog heads in skaven conversions so i think wolf head ll be just fine for this model as it might look like bit raty in this scale. I made a temporary base for him from leftover bases i found in my bit box so ll have to mask those glued lines very good or found a better base for him. Its not even half finished but i felt i should share somethink with visitors of this little blog to have somethink goin on here. See you next time with this boy and queek headtaker finished!

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