Saturday, 2 April 2011

Skaven vs Dwarves

Positions after first turn
Hello everyone! I just came back from a friendly battle i had against my traditional oponent. He purchased small unpainted dwarf army and as he continues painting we decided to test them on battlefield against my skavens. Unfortunately it was just small 1000 points game as he lacks models, but i dont have enought clanrats/slaves either to play bigger games efective so i belived dice gods ll stay with me today;-)
First move was mine. I activated my storm banner as i ve been facing dwarf gunline and moved everything forward. Clanrats were positioned in mid and left flank. Doomwheel between those two clanrats units. Plague monks on right flank. Dwarven balistas failed to hit anythink, but canon scored a hit to doomwheel and it was left with 2 wounds in first turn.
Doomwheel vs dwarven general
In second turn storm banner remained in play while my oponent charged doomwhell. Domwheel killed just few but it managed to survive 6 attacks from dwarven general and additional attacks from his unit. Lost just one wound. Clanrats on left flang got in to charge range of oponents balista and canon. Clanrats in mid got in to charge range of his shooters, plague monks on right side of the table moved up.
Third turn was awesome. Stormbanner faded out but doomwheel managed to kill half of dwarven general unit, but losing its last wound. Clanrats managed to charge balista and destroy it. Clanrats in mid charged his shooters and wiped them out of the table. However plague monks failed to charge dwarven miners.
In fourth turn tide of battle begin to change, dwarven general managed to charge clanrats on the left and due to terrible combat results clarats tried to run off table, but were pursued and slaughtered. Same results on the right side of table with plague monks. They activated their plague banner but even with all that rerolls the managed to kill just about 6 dwarven miners and lost combat resolution by 1. Failing leader ship, but managed to run away from dwarves. However those pursuing miners run in to perfect place to be hit by my waiting warpfire thrower.
Plague monks advancing on right flank
In next turn  i ve must have been betrayed by dice gods. I allready smelled burned dwarven flesh but warpfire thrower missfired and dissabeared from battlefield with stylish kaboom. Same with poisoned wind mortar.
Hovewer. Plague monks managed to rally themselves and reform to face pursuing dwarf miners.
Clarats from mid marched to charge rang of dwarven canon.
Rest of the game was quite fast, plague monks failed me again and gets destroyed, while my remaining clarats managed to kill canon and wiped the floor with dwarven general and his unit.
Final clash like from 80´s action movies.
Warlord vs dwarven general
First we tought it was slight win for dwarves, but then i realized i managed to kill dwarven general and score additional 100 bonus points, so in the end the game ressulted in draw. It was fast and funny game and im looking forward to play against dwarves again as i enjoyed game much more than my usual skaven vs empire battles.
More articles ll come hopefuly soon as i ve been bit bussy lately, but better times are comming;-) Oh and sorry i did not used proper names for dwarven units as i ve been playing against them for first time and dont remember them yet. Hope you ll forgive me.

See you next time!

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