Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dawn before the battle

"Tonight! Yes!-yes!" we ll finaly have a chance to teach furless human weaklings a lesson. They ll taste wrath of our endless skaven hordes, our hell pit abomination will taste human flesh again, their skin will burn under flames of our warp flame throwers and they ll run in fear after delivery of newly constructed doomrocket in to their ranks! Nothing can go wrong, not untill my orders ll be obeyed and after i burned one of my clawleaders today, none ll dare to stand up and face my superior intelect!

First battle report is comming, stay tuned, and wish me luck! It ll be a small 1500 pts game against empire. Im goin to try hell pit abomination for the first time. I included few toys to my army(brass orb, doomrocket) so i think it ll be a funny game and if dice gods ll be with me i except even more fun and lot of butchered humans right after first turn. Acording to my night runner scouts my oponent ll field a steamtank and thats why i included brass orb on the last minute to my rooster. If my engineer ll not manage to score a hit to steam tank with it, then i expect a lot of butchery in mid  field and guess there ll not be much to do, except to relly on winds of magic and decent casting rolls as im going to use three casters in this game. I ll try to take few pictures to perpetuate this glorious encounter and help other skaven beginers to avoid mistakes i ll probably do;-) See you tommorow by the battle report!

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