Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tabletop Hell Pit Abomination quick & easy

 Hi all, im here to write first entry of my painting diary. This one ll be bit shortspoken but i think it ll be to the point and hopefuly ll help someone who is afraid to paint hell pit abomination without airbrush same as i was when first opened box and saw a lot of those large surfaces. This is not meant to be a detailed guide how to paint every last detail of this model, not even guide how to paint model in award winning quality but rough sequence of steps i did to achieve nice tabletop level. 

First of all you ll need very well thinned Skull white, as our main goal here is to avoid visible brush strokes. Thin your Skull white at least 50/50 with water and make several coats. Dont be affraid after first layer as model ll look terrible but things ll start to look better after 3 or 4 layers and if you thinned your color well you dont have to be afraid about one mm thick layer of color ruining your model;-) When you ll have solid white surface everywhere like you can see on first picture the most boring part is allready behind you.
Now here comes all the fun. Its very simple. You ll need Delvan mud wash, Gryphon sephia and Ogryn flesh wash. I washed whole model in following order as i stated above. Layer of Delvan mud, then layer of Gryphon and Ogryn flesh followed by another layer of Delvan mud. Only expection is jaw where i used only two layers of Gryphon sephia. Now, you have the main body finished. At this stage i based the mini and started working on details. 
Theres not much to talk about, you have to highlight all the scars, stitches, paint wooden and metalic parts. Its up to you to chose what looks best to you. In my case i prefer dirty steel like surface over most used rusted bronze scheme for chest piece. You should achieve somethink like on third picture very easy if you followed my steps. Its not best hpa you can found on the internet but definetly you ll dont have to shy for your model and ll have a nice centre piece of your army. Hope you liked first entry of my painting diary and even helped you if you are same painting beginer as i am.

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