Friday, 25 February 2011

Skaven vs Empire 1500pts

No!-Not! Stupid sabotage! My clawleaders must have been bribed!I even suspect that idiot Skrit who has earned himself position of chieftain recently! I ll seek them one by one and punish them for that betrayal!

Hello all! Im here whit my first battlereport. First, i want to appologize for crapy cell phone pictures becouse my camera run out of batery before game even started(first sign of sabotage?:-o)Sit back, enjoy and dont lough at terrible mistake i did this game;-) But in the end it was good for somethink...i ll never again underestimate empire army even if its half dead.

I used this rooster for 1500 pts game against empire:

1 Grey Seer @ 275.0 Pts
     General; Magic Level 4
     Power Scroll [35.0]

1 Chieftain @ 70.0 Pts
     Heavy Armour; Battle Standard

1 Warlock Engineer @ 95.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1
     Doom Rocket [30.0]

1 Warlock Engineer @ 115.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1
     Brass Orb [50.0]

29 Clanrats @ 240.0 Pts
     Spear; Light Armour; Shields; Standard; Musician

     1 Clawleader @ [8.0] Pts

     1 Weapon Team @ [70.0] Pts
          Warpfire Thrower

29 Clanrats @ 235.0 Pts
     Spear; Light Armour; Shields; Standard; Musician

     1 Clawleader @ [8.0] Pts

     1 Weapon Team @ [65.0] Pts
          Poisoned Wind Mortar

19 Plague Monks @ 215.0 Pts
     Frenzy; 2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician
     Storm Banner [50.0]

     1 Bringer-of-the-Word @ [10.0] Pts

1 Hellpit Abomination @ 250.0 Pts
     Warpstone Spikes

U may notice i dont field any slaves, just 60 clanrats...well i konow this is not ideal but im just avoiding painting another batch of clanrats. Anway its somethink i ll not avoid in near future if i want to win more games. I builded this army with fun in mind and hope i ll score devastating hits with doomrocket and brass orb in first turn and start trigering panic tests, witch i did, but id did not helped. My both engineers rolled for warp lightning, grey seer got skiterleap, cracks call, scorch and curse of the horned rat. My oponent fielded combination of swordsmen, flagelants, few crosbowmen lvl2 wizard, hellblaster, mortar and canon.

Gaming table was full of obstacles witch was ok but i did not managed to deploy hell pit abomination after his warmachines. As i was finished with everything else before my oponent. But in the end i was finished with deploy fist so i got valuble +1 to roll who ll start first turn.

 Right after deployment
Turn 1:
Everything went according plan. Activated storm banner moved everything up the field and started casting. My oponent manged to dispell both warplightnings but it left me free hands to skiterleap engineer with doomrocket to side of his army to ideal position to launch doomrocket. It hited and killed about 15 swordsmen. Additionaly grey seer managed to cast scorch and kill 10 more humans. Not much happened in shooting phase as mortar hited but killed just few moar humans. So far everything was going well, my oponent had one unit on the run. But in his turn he attempted to rally. Moved everything a little forward but failed to shoot with anythink couse of storm banner active.

Turn 2:
Storm banner went off. I decided to stay with both units of clanrats to maintain some distance and allow me to devastate his ranks with grey seers magic. On the right wing hell pit abomination managed to get in base contact with his flagelants and manged to eat few of them while receiving two wounds. Magice phase was succesful again, both warplightnings from engineers fispelled again but i managed to skiterleap engineer with brass orb behind his line again and coring devastating hit with brass orb. Then another scorch, another succesful hit. Then warpfire thrower did well on shooting hitting that unit as well. Hited unit panicked and running away. His last full unit of swordsmen managed to charge my first block of clanrats. I lost 7 clanrats and killed 5 of his swordsmen.

Engineer just before launching doomrocket
Turn 3:
Flagelants eaten by abominaion. Leaving me in the open field with his cannon about 10inches away and his crosbowmen with wizard about 5 inches in front. Now comes a big decision should i flank charge his swordsmen with my second block of clanrats or should stay and soften block of crosbowmen in front of my abomination about 20 inches in front of grey seer? I decided to stay. Both engineers warplightnings dispelled, but grey seers scorch hited killing most of crosbowmen and wounding enemy wizard. Close combat started looking bad. Swordsmen stucked in to my clanrats managed to kill about 7 or 8 of then while clanrats them selves scored just one kill. My openent manages to kill few clanrats of grey seers group by mortar and succesfuly reforms his running swordsmen balancing on the edge of table allready.

Turn 4:
Last few of brave swordsmen who
managed to change the tide of battle
Abomination moved forward, eating enemy crosbowmen and wizard. Leaving her 8 inches away from cannon. I still can not charge those swordsmen eating my clanrats as i want to enshure i ll destroy enemy hellblaster in front of my second unit of clanrats. Im succesfull with that. But now things ll turn terrible bad for me. Enemy cannon destroys hpa witch did not surprised me, but with plague monks walking through difficult terrain, now about 10 inches away from cannon keeps me confident everythink is fine on the right flank. However close combat is turning terrible wrong. His swordsmen killing about 10 clanrats while losing with just about 2 of their own. With that ressult i dont have more ranks than enemy and have to take ld7 test with reroll. Failed and rats are on the run. Swordsmen failed to pursue but they are charging runnig rats in oponents part of turn and rats are running off table.

Turn 5:
My biggest mistake. I swift reformed my second block of clanrats to face his sowedsmen witch run behind my line in pursue for clanrats. On right flank plague monks are failing to charge cannon. I could have cast curse of horned rat but i didnt. Dont know why but i just tought i ll mange to hold off his allredy softened swordsmen as he ll probably charge my spear equiped clanrats in his part of turn. He did that killing about 8 of my clanrats while i managed to kill 5 swordsmen but had to take ld test on 10. ...dice gods failed me..i rolled 6 and 5 witch put my clanrats on the run and enemy pursued successfull. Whitch left me with only one engineer and plaguemonks left in the game.

Turn 6:
Plague monks charging his cannon and destroying it. Engineers warplightning again dispelled.

Well everything was going so good until turn 5 where i underestimated my oponents swordsmen and had bit of bad luck with ld tests. Next time i have to continue playing even if victory seems imininet as even half dead enemy units can turn the tide of byttle by 180 degrees with bit of luck. I lost with about 300 points worth on the table while my oponent saved about 700.

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