Monday, 28 February 2011

Screaming bell/plague furnace kit comming!

Finaly i ll have a chance to put my hands on one of main reasons i chose skaven as a race i want to play in wfb. The Screaming Bell kit! Its comming, hopefuly by tommorow;-) Im still not 100% decided if i ll build bell or furnace as i just love look of screaming bell(and would love to convert plague priest model and put him on arabian carpet) but if i look at my army list whitch contain all models i have and think about for what models i ll have spare money in following months then i think i cant go wrong with plague furnace and puting grey seer model on one of microats base i ordered along with it(had to proxy greyseer till now by high elf wizard:-o). I hope i ll have a lot of fun while painting(at least as much as i had with abomination kit) and make another entry in my painting diary with few wip pictures. Dont expect detailed guide as there is allread one on games workshop site but i ll try to pick out few points and ideas i ll have while painting and share them with you. See you then, im going to pray to the post gods for early delivery:-)

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