Friday, 18 February 2011


"Fast!-Quick!" sounds in echoes inside my head as i started works on this little blog. My motivation is simple, but great as i noticed there is little to be found about our superior race on pages of network called internet. Of course, its becouse it was created by those furless humans whitch often ignore, deny and refuse our superiority! Now its time to punish them and change the tide of internet in to the favor of Great Horned Rat!

Hi All!
I would like to introduce you to my at this time little blog about skavens and wargaming in general. I ll try to fill those pages with army lists, skaven tactics articles, painting tutorials for beginers and more. I decided to start this project becouse as a begginer to skaven cause i had many questions and i failed to find useful page dedicated to skavens. Of course theres a lot of wargaming forums where i got a lot of helpful information, but a lot of people are shy to ask(include my self)so i decided to share my story with the rest of warhammer beginers whitch started  building and playing skaven army recently. I ve got few articles in my head allready and ll start posting them in following weeks. Hope those peages ll help somebody out of labyrint of questions and if not, i ll try at least to entertain brothers in our skaven couse!

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